Les avancées de la loi du 27 juin 1990 et de la loi du 4 mars 2002 en matière de législation psychiatrique française (Written in Franch)

  • Christine PENY


Adopted on June 27th 1990, the “loi Evin” replaced the famous “loi Esquirol” of 1838, the old text which ruled the French legislation concerning mental illness. The law carried unanimously in 1990 was supposed to “revolutionize” French psychiatric legislation. In fact, it did not so and confirmed many principles going back to 1838. But on one point the text introduced a real and interesting innovation: it recognized specific rights to the persons placed in psychiatric institutions. On this point precisely, it was confirmed and completed by an other text, a law of March 4th 2002. Nevertheless, not all the rights established by theses two acts seem very realistic and it is sometimes difficult to make them respected, especially in the absence of an enforcement by the courts of judicial order.

Author Biography

Christine PENY

Université Paul Cézanne, Faculté de droit et de Science politique d’Aix-en- Provence, France

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