The Unfortunate Role of Farm Subsidies as a Stimulus for Inequality and Obesity


  • M. Neil Browne
  • Facundo Bouzat
  • Justin Rex
  • Joseph Seipel


Governmental expenditures are directed at a particular objective, but their effects have consequences far beyond the named target of the expenditures. Specific farm subsidies, for example, encourage consumption of particular foods by reducing the costs of producing these foods. To what extent do these subsidies affect the American obesity epidemic? How do the subsidies create disparate negative effects on those in poverty? Exploring these questions stimulates us to take greater care when designing legislation to take a broader look at the stakeholders affected by any particular governmental expenditure.

Author Biographies

M. Neil Browne

Distinguished Professor of Economics and Law, Bowling Green State University

Facundo Bouzat

Legal Intern, Michigan Branch, American Civil Liberties Union

Justin Rex

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Bowling Green State University

Joseph Seipel

Honors Scholars Research Associate, Bowling Green State University