The Causes of China’s Abnormal Sex Ratio and Improved Approaches


  • Yanguang Wang


This article tries to show that the causes of China’s abnormal sex ratio are the traditional cause of China’s shortage of females and the underlying cause of the son preference in Chinese culture and; China’s Ultrasound technology abuse also should be blamed; China’s economic system reformation and discrimination against women are reasons on the shortage of daughters; China’s one or two-child policy is not the main cause of abnormal sex ratio, but was related to the couples’sons fever and shortage of girls. The laws and regulations of prohibiting the sex-selection failed to balance the male and female sex ratio. Its failure and female infanticide are the causes abnormal sex ratio. This article also discussed the approaches to prevent further losses of daughters. It is stressed that the major requirements are to ultimately overcome the deep preference for sons and reform the social insurance structures related to women.

In the end, this article shows that bioethics education can cause a rational decision from the parents who are making a choice to use prenatal tests. Compared with Ultrasound diagnosis for a later abnormal abortion and selective female fetus abortion, the preimplantation genetic diagnosis has the advantage of being used before the pregnancy.

The study found preimplantation genetic diagnosis was more readily accepted in some Chinese couples after they accepted the bioethics views that fetus has moral status although they are not a person, and abortion much more harm to fetus and mother. So the better way is using preimplantation genetic diagnosis to prevent both abnormal or female fetus abortion and infanticide within the son preference culture.

Author Biography

Yanguang Wang

Prof., Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China





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