What is Bioethics and Law? – From the Korean Perspective


  • Hyeon-Chul Kim


Law and Bioethics is a relatively new academic area of dealing with a broad range of legal issues relevant to the biomedical ethics. This article first reviews the unique features of the Law and Bioethics as a special field of law. Legal topics in the Law and Bioethics are not limited to one specific area of a traditional field of law, such as criminal law, but cover almost all spheres of the legal phenomena. In addition, since the Law and Bioethics treats ethical issues raised in a very technical and highly specialized areas - life science and the medical science, legal reasoning in this area requires a certain level of knowledge on the scientific subjects as well as reflexive attitude towards legal and ethical conclusions. Considering these unique features of the Law and Bioethics, this article investigates the three regulation models: the model centered around regulations by law and rules, the model centered around administrative regulations, and the model centered around self-regulation. With specific examples, each model will be examined in the context of the Law and Bioethics.

Author Biography

Hyeon-Chul Kim

School of Law, Ewha Womans University, Korea






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