Bio-Ethik in Deutschland Vortrag an der EWHA Universität Seoul (Written in German)


  • Hans-Heiner Kühne


Questions of Bio-Ethics are placed within a very sensitive field which is mostly influenced by religious beliefs or dogmata. This is especially true with christian religions which have a long tradition in fighting (medical) progress as violation of a heavenly plan. So far it is not at all surprising that actually in Germany the prohibition of pid (pre-implantation diagnosis)is strongly argued for by christian groups and authorities. For this reason there is a chance that the German legislator may pass a law banning any pid, although in neighbouring European countries as in France, the Netherlands or the UK these techniques are legal within some limits.

These questions cannot be solved by the interpretation of constitutional law - in Germany especially with regard to Art.1 I Basic Law, which establishes the protection of human dignity - because new medical techniques have to be newly assessed by society and according to such an assessment may then become part of constitutional provisions.

Author Biography

Hans-Heiner Kühne

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult., Universität Trier






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