Feminist Bioethics


  • Judith Andre


Feminist bioethics addresses issues related to women’s lives in health care, health science, and health policy. Feminist bioethics can extend to analogous issues of power and oppression as they occur in race, social class, disability, and sexual orientation. The field highlights both subject matter and methodology. Concerning subject matter, much of it concerns women as patients, particularly as child- bearers; these are familiar issues such as abortion, contraception, reproductive technologies, and the medicalizing of childbirth and menopause. Subject matter also includes women as health care workers, researchers and as research subjects. Finally, feminism tries to expand the methodologies of bioethics, first by listening to what women say, in all their roles; second, by adding to the field’s traditional foci on rights and justice, those of relationships and responsibilities.

Author Biography

Judith Andre

Professor Emerita, Michigan State University






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