Korea’s Low Birthrate and Its Search for Realistic Measures


  • Inhoe Ku


The tendency to disregard human life has been started with the family planning policy which has been executed along with 5 year economic plan (1962-66). The nation considered the population growth as an inhibitory factor to economic development and executed nationwide birth control policy. Due to the decline of birth rate Korean society has recorded the lowest birth rate in the world and is expected to suffer from fast aging population.

Recent birth promotion plan proposed by the government includes support for newborn baby’s health management, support for medical expense of premature baby, tax benefit, support for nurturing environment and fee of more than three children, campaign on the importance of family and children, campaign to dissolve gender ratio imbalance, and population policy to recommend and promote birth.

In this paper author will analyze reasons for Korea’s low birthrate and will provide alternatives.

Author Biography

Inhoe Ku

Nicholas Cardinal Chung Graduate School for Life, The Catholic Univ. of Korea






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