Aktuelle Entwicklungen des deutschen und europäischen Gesundheits- und Medizinrechts (Written in German)


  • Eike Sven Fischer


In modern states the patient’s autonomy is getting more and more important. But progress, scarcity and the wish of individual medicine are close together and condition itself. The medicine - and biolaw can’t escape of his function to make patient’s wishes come true and to find answers for any problems which result from technical - scientific discovery at the same time.

This function is already the main task for law. Fulfilling this job, law has to work between the rules of the general public, public affairs and individual freedom and can’t leave anything of it out of account. On the one hand it needs a lot of sensitivity; on the other hand it has to regulate extremely exactly with every word. Every small decision touches the thematic areas of possibility, financeability and ethics. The results of the “trial and error” - methods other countries performed could be used as a clue and an assistance in solving own problems or to avoid the mistakes in thinking and performing like other states did

Author Biography

Eike Sven Fischer

Der Autor ist Rechtsassessor und wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Straf- und Strafprozessrecht, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Duttge, Göttingen, Germany. Der Beitrag basiert auf einem Vortrag sowie Aufenthalt des Autors an der Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea. Besonderer Dank gilt hierfür Prof. Dr. Young-Min Chang und Dr. Misuk Son, LL.M. für die umfangreiche und stets umsorgende Betreuung. Ebenfalls danke ich Prof. Dr. Gunnar Duttge für die Korrektur und die vielen Hinweise zum Manuskript dieses Beitrages.






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