Strafrechtliche Schuld im demokratischen Rechtsstaat (Written in German)


  • Urs Kindhäuser


A criminal culpability refers to the legally constituted roles of the delinquent in a democratic society. From a legal perspective in the democratic state under the rule of law, a person occupies two roles. On the one hand, he is formally subject to the legal “Sollenssätzen” and thus becomes a potential addressee of legal norms. On the other hand, he is also an authorized citizen who plays a part in the decree or the change of norms publicly by expressing opinions, taking part in elections, etc., and thus becomes a potential author of norms. With these two roles, the role of the norm addressee and the role of the norm author, taken into consideration together, culpability and criminal liability in the criminal law will be explicated.

This paper consists of three parts. First, it analyzes the meanings of the concept of responsibility. Second, it discusses the reasons why we can accuse the delinquent in the criminal sense. Finally, it considers the connection between the criminal liability of the delinquent and both his roles as a norm author and a norm addressee in a democratic society.

Author Biography

Urs Kindhäuser

Professor an der Universität Bonn, Germany.






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