Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Data? Some Critical Reflections on the Programme to Open Access to Health Data (The Catalan Approach)


  • Albert Ruda-Gonzalez


Recently, the regional government of Catalonia (Spain) has approved a programme to link the health information that is generated in this region. According to its description, the whole of health data of users of the health system will be interconnected in an absolutely anonymized and safe way. The aim of the programme, called PADRIS, is to promote and facilitate research and innovation in medicine and health sciences. The paper comments on such a programme from a critical perspective, bearing in mind its implications with regard to patients’ rights, in particular privacy and data protection.

Author Biography

Albert Ruda-Gonzalez

Senior lecturer in Private Law, Institute of European and Comparative Private Law, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Girona (Catalonia, Spain)