Author Guidelines


Length: Manuscripts should be between 6,000 and 25,000 words, including notes.

Cover Page: On the cover page, you must state:
1. your address;
2. your telephone number (including work, home, and cellphone numbers), fax number, and email address and your preference for communication;
3. a two-to-three (complete) sentence bio of each author, including the author's present title and institutional/corporate affiliation and any academic degrees and from what institutions they were received (please include full name, city, and state)

Submission: The manuscript and cover letter should be submitted electronically through this website.  The author should create a user account with the website, if he or she hasn't done so in the past.  This website is based on the Open Journal System, and for those not familiar with the Open Journal System, help can be found here and here.

Peer review: Decisions to accept or reject papers are based on the recommendations received during blind peer review. The evaluation process generally takes eight to ten weeks.



Editing: Authors will be consulted during the editing stage about any editorial changes to their texts. Minor standardizations (headings, alignments, references, minor punctuation revisions, applications of our stylebook, and so forth) will not be discussed. Authors will also receive final-stage proofs for review, at which time only significant corrections will be permitted.  The entire editing process can be followed by the author through this website.  The instructions can be found here.

Reference Format: The journal uses footnotes for references.  Because of its interdisciplinary appeal, the journal has decided to allow two reference formats -- either the Chicago Manual of Style or the Bluebook.  The author may choose either format but must adhere to the chosen format.



Copyright forms: Authors are required to sign copyright forms prior to publication. No compensation is paid for articles published.



Direct all inquiries to:

Won Bok Lee
The Asia Pacific Journal of Health Law, Policy and Ethics
Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics